2014 Yule Festival

Images and information on this page are based on Bullroarer, and therefore subject to change.
The Yule Festival runs from 16th December 2014 to 15th January 2015.

RobeofWinterWinds01Robe of Winter Winds, female and male version, 35 tokens

dyed forest green

Cloak of Winter Winds and Hooded Cloak of Winter Winds, Tier 3, 50 tokens

Winter Winds Caparison, Tier 3, 100 tokens

Steed of Winter Winds, 80 tokens

Tome of the Grim, Tome of the Fire Grim, Tome of the Shadow Grim, Tier 3, 75 tokens



  1. John

    Wife commented on at least the robes aren’t the same length.
    Love the Warsteed cover. At least it doesn’t look 100% like a blanket!

  2. cdarcy

    I’d love to see a view of the steeds from the rear. (As that is the view I spend a lot of time looking at, while riding.)

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