2012 Farmer’s Faire

A preview for all the cosmetics that are available at the new Farmer’s Faire festival from the Town Crier. I’ve also listed the hand-held items that you can swap into your weapon slot.

Farmer’s Fancy Dress (white and red dye) – 45 tokens

Farmer’s Fancy Tunic and Trousers (white and red dye) – 45 tokens

Gardener’s Apron (white and red dye) – 45 tokens
This is actually a hauberk. Hauberks have thick leggings underneath which clip through many boot models, including the Gardening Boots.

Gardening Boots (default and red dye) – 35 tokens

Gardening Gloves (default and red dye) – 35 tokens

Farmer’s Fancy Wide-brimmed Hat (white and red dye) – 45 tokens

Hooded Cloak of the Harvest (white and black dye) – 45 tokens

Hooded Leather Cloak (white and black dye) – 45 tokens

Circlet of Fresh-picked Flowers (can now be dyed!) – 35 tokens
Lantern (hand-held item) – 45 tokens

Basket of Colourful Eggs (hand-held item) – 45 tokens
Cornstalk (hand-held item) – 45 tokens

Chicken Mask                                                 Pig Mask

Donkey Mask                                                  Sheep Mask

Duckling Mask
All Masks can be dyed – 55 tokens

Here’s a preview of the new Farmer’s Faire 2012 mount. It costs 2 race tokens and 120 Farmer’s Faire Tokens. This sounds like a lot but what I’ve seen from the quest rewards so far, the amounts that are rewarded are quite generous.
I has a black and brown tack decorated with golden wheat.
The steed has +62% speed and 200 morale, just like the last Anniversary steed, so this seems to be the new norm for festival steeds that used to have 100 morale in the past.

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