2012 Fall Festival

Harvest-brew Dress – 24 tokens

Harvest-brew Long-sleeved Tunic & Trousers – 24 tokens

Harvest-brew Short-sleeved Tunic & Trousers – 24 tokens

Harvest-brew Cloak – 24 tokens

Harvest-brew Hooded Cloak – 24 tokens

Harvest-brew Hat – 24 tokens (can be dyed but only very dark colours)

Harvest-brew Circlet – 24 tokens (cannot be dyed)

Beer Stein – 24 tokens                                                                        Pretzel – 18 tokens

Basket of Apples – 18 tokens                                                          Fall Gourd – 18 tokens

All cosmetics from previous years are still available!

If you didn’t manage to collect the 1000 Buried Treasure Tokens that were needed for the Harvest-brew Goat last weekend at the Treasure Hunt event, then here’s your chance to get a mount outfitted with the same tack! I think the idea is very nice, to make both a goat and a horse with the same theme, but I’m sad that the goat is only available through the rigorous grind of the Treasure Hunt that has to be completed in the short span of 3 days, and is not available at this Festival. Also, I’m not crazy about yet another Festival mount with that dull pale skin colour. Still, the horse or pony will be nice for some. At least this Festival it’s not an all “feminine” horse as so many guys complained about last Spring. The horse has two different sides, one with beer mugs and the other with a saddle bag. The tack has runes inscribed on the front side that some players think translate to “Westphal”, referencing an area in Germany with certain beer brewing traditions. Correct me if I’m wrong as all this is only forum speculation.

The Harvest-brew Steed costs 2 Race Tokens + 60 Fall Festival Tokens. It has +62% speed and 200 morale.

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