2011 Yule Festival

A preview of the new cosmetics I found. Most of last year’s items are still there (see comment below), but there’s two new cloaks to barter for (in Frostbluff or at the festival grounds quartermaster), mostly to match the new Yule Festival mount.



Fancy Winter Cloak – 12 tokens
Warm Winter Cloak – 12 tokens

If it weren’t for CSTM’s amazing network of curious Lotro players, it would have never occurred to me to check the Yule Festival barter again. Thank you Goldenstar for the alert!
Some very nice new outfit items have been added, so it’s back to cleaning up another round of unsightly spills! Yay!

Snowy & Pants (12 tokens)

Snowy Dress (12 tokens)

Snowy Hoodless Cloak (12 tokens)

Brisk Yule Cloak (12 tokens)

The new Yule Festival Mount 2011 has already been revealed in the developer diary! Looks awesome! Want it now!

And the second Yule Festival mount:

I had to go and grind out 20 tokens, because I had zero tokens left on my main character, but I did manage to get the second Yule Festival Horse and take my screenshot. For the festival horse I always prefer to take just a picture of the horse, without a rider, but the horse is not on display at the Hengstacer farm, so it had to be a mounted picture.
The horse’s tack matches the design on the new festival cosmetics that were added.
Bearskin Winter Cloak, Fancy Snow-cloak and Cloak of Winter Nights are now available in the Lotro Store, probably for the duration of the Festival only.

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