Cosmetic Lotro


Mae govannen fellow travellers of Middle-earth!

Lately my blog activity has slowed down to only a few posts this year. I am still playing Lotro, but not as actively as I used to, since I started a new business this year that takes up a lot of my time. Spending energy on real life activities always diminishes game time, and as a result the time I used to spend on outfitting and this blog is currently non-existent.

Most of you will have found their way to Lalia’s market by now. This little shop is a cosmetic lover’s dream come true, and should keep your wardrobes stocked for a good while. Lalia and Hymne have been good friends ever since she was rescued from that horrible prince in the Barrows. Lalia gave Hymne a cute little cloak at the time, and Hymne has been helping her to dress the mannequins in her new store. You can find many of the mannequin outfits showcased on this blog!

I am still very much looking forward to any future Festivals and I will do my best to keep documenting the cosmetics that appear there, but new outfits will only be posted occasionally.

Happy outfitting and thank you for continuing to follow this blog!



  1. It’s too bad to see the slow-down of posts, but I totally understand. I was happy to see a new group of your outfits on Lalia’s mannequins, though!

    Good luck with the new business!

  2. Well I hope you do post stuff every once in a while. I was visiting Lalia’s market when I saw the full outfits on display. For a second I thought they looked familiar, then I remembered you made them. 🙂

  3. I wish you a lot of luck and success with your business. May it prosper! It’s too bad you don’t have much time to play Lotor, but I keep looking forward to your future. And nice to see your outfits in Lalia’s Market 🙂

  4. Fairymore

    How exciting a new business, i wish you the best. I hope you will find the time to continue putting outfits together since you have such a great talent for it. Thank you for the update.

  5. Sorchawen

    Mae l’ovannen!

    Best of wishes for your new business. I have so much enjoyed all the cosmetic combos you have put together, and still go back to look at past ones to get ideas and/or use the same looks on my toons when I need something fresh for them (which about every other day or so lol). I’ll continue to keep up with your blogs when you have time to post them, and definitely watch for more beautiful outfits when you have the time to post them.

  6. I know that feel. Real life kicks in, LotRO moves on out.

    Hope to see those occasionally posted outfits when you do have time to compose them, though!

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